MJF Pro Client Stories

Bo Flores Photography utilizes many MJF Pro offerings and provides a great example of our WordPress management services.  MJF Pro was able to work intimately with Bo Flores Photography, understand his vision, strategy, strengths and weaknesses.  Using that information as a foundation we materialized the vision, ensured consistency and agility in strategy and leverage the strengths of MJF Pro to compliment the previous challenges encountered within Bo Flores Photography.  3rd-Party integration support, documentation and training also available.

Working with MJF Pro is EXACTLY what my business needed to take it to the next level.  Marcus is always there for questions and to help implement new ideas in order to stay fresh!

Bo Flores

Owner/Founder, Bo Flores Photography

Web Development

At first working with a 3rd party sitebuilder, MJF optimized the user experience.  Then facilitating the migration to a WordPress solution, we then trained and now manage site and online presence growth.


MJF Pro worked with Bo Flores Photography, align side current social media channels to promote and monitor traffic.  Customization and collaboration have proven to provide consistent improvement and opportunities.

On-Site Assitance

For all those unknown unknowns MJF Pro is a partner in growth.  We have produced materials, assisted in photo shoots and other positions needed.