Today’s post comes from Kitty, the first recipient of Power2PR’s Sunshine box.  This is the excerpt from her application, for the question, ‘Please explain current situation”.


I have been without electricity since September 7, 2017 (after hurricane Irma). Still today, January 4, 2018 I have no electricity. My greatest challenge and critical concern is how to keep my refrigerator running in order to keep my perishables and drinking water cold and safe. Secondly, my need to keep electrical devices charged because they are my connection to my family and services here (when available). Thirdly, i would say that it would be a real treat to listen to a radio or even watch a movie or even watch the news and stay informed at some level of what is happening here and around the world.

I’m not even talking about using the washer (I wash by hand) or using my oven (electrical), running a vacuum, microwave or any electrical tool I may need to help clean up the fallen trees and debris around my house.

I’ve only been running a generator for 8hours a day due to the expense. It would cost me about $42-$45 a day. Besides emergency generators are not designed to run 24 hours a day. I do understand that we are still in critical and emergency mode because more than 50 – 80% of the island is still without power. Those that have electricity sometimes lose even more because they go out and buy what they need and then the electricity goes out again, this time, like the first time, losing their food and ruining electrical components due to the surges and such taking place during, before and after the power outages.

We, who live here must find a way to stay safe and healthy while the powers that be make it safe for all who live here and visit here.

Personally, I’ve trusted and believe that compassion and a helping hand from those who care enough and want to help, do so in a manner that reaches each individual in need. I thank everyone who has offered up a prayer for me and all affected here and I also praise God for those that have donated/given out of their own need and for those who donate/given out of their abundance to help us have a sense of quality of life and dignity as we wait for the restructuring of our basic needs.

Although a hardship, I am learning so much about myself, others and yes, even electricity as I (and those who care) try to ensure some level of quality of life that ensures and sustains good physical and mental. As a citizen, I will do my best at all times to help myself and those around me, even if I don’t know them. Not to mention our beloved pets, who many times are not only our companions, but like in my situation, are my security. I live at the foot of the El Yunque Rain Forest and the vegetation is deep and dense, thus intensifying the need for normalcy and security.

That is my current situation


I will sit and chew on that for a little bit, and I thank all of those who do the same.