Haiti is in need

With Haiti reeling from government changes, earthquakes and now severe storms, our friends LQVE are getting Sunshine Boxes in the hands of community developers who are prepositioned and doing the work day in and day out.

Your help will make a direct impact

We are working with LQVE, a community development organization that is on the ground in Haiti, working with locals and local leadership to distribute Sunshine boxes in this time of need.

Education is often a barrier to implementing sustainable energy solutions. We have people dedicated to providing a deeper understanding of modern technology solutions to those who might otherwise not be able to consume this material. We are learning every day, and sharing that learning Рevery day.

We provide sustainable energy solutions

Through gracious donations to our 501c(3) charitable nonprofit, we grant recipients possession of energy independent solutions.

We are a charity. Currently all individual donations go directly to our response in Haiti. Where government changes, earthquakes and storms have caused tragic and immediate need.

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